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Computer Migration - Things to Consider

Here are a few points which you can consider while doing computer migration. These points are applicable to all migrations irrespective of the migration tool (ADMT, NetIQ, Quest etc)

Active Directory User Migration

Here is a graphical representation of the high level steps involved in an Active Directory migration using ADMT

User Migration and Merging Using Quest Migration Manager

Pre-creating user account in the target domain is a common scenario these days due to single-sign-on solution, HR management procedure etc

Microsoft Right Management Service (RMS)

Rights Management Service (RMS) is an add-on to many RMS aware applications. In this article my main focus is to explain how we can utilize RMS technology with Exchange 2003 and how we can take advantage of RMS technology to increase the email security

Microsoft ISA Server

I am sure we have all either encountered or heard of this "problem" one time or another if the ISA Server is part of the Active Directory Domain. Is it a problem?

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Microsoft Groove 2007 and SharePoint Workspace

As you know Microsoft has renamed Groove 2007 to SharePoint Workspace.  With the 2010 release, SharePoint Workspace as well as OneNote will be available in the Microsoft Office Professional Plus SKU.  Finally, I got some time to upgrade Office 2007 to 2010.  My biggest concern was my Groove 2007 documents.  I created a backup and restored them onto the SharePoint Workspace.  Everything looks good. 


Also, when creating a workspace, you have an option to choose either 2007 or 2010 version of the workspace.


You can see the 2010 feature details on the following link:

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