Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dummy /Loopback Network Cable

After publishing the "Virtual Server and RDP" ( blog, I received a lot of inquires about my "dummy network cable" term in the blog. Here is the explanation:

If you are running a virtual server and using RDP as I explained here ( , you have to connect your laptop to a hub or a live network socket. As we all know, it is not that easy when you are in a conference room or in front of an audience. What I normally do is have a dummy network cable that I plugged into my laptop. Basically, I cut the network cable and connect Rx and Tx wires together. It will act like a closed circuit without using a hub or connect to a network drop. Here is the dummy network cable pinouts configuration.


Also, below are pictures of the dummy network cable.

As you remember when Active Directory came out, we couldn't complete the DCPROMO process without connecting the server to a hub or network. I remember when I was playing with the Beta release of AD, I spent a lot time trying to figure out why my DCPROMO was failing. In that situation this dummy cable was very useful. I don't know the real technical term of this cable (if any). Due to profanity reasons I can't add the slang name here :-)



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