Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to generate a list of Exchange IM Users

I am currently engaged on a project where I am doing an Exchange IM to LCS 2005 migration. I am using the LCS resource kit to generate all the IM users in Exchange 2000. The syntax for the "lcsish.wsf" wasn't clear in the documentation. So I thought I would share the correct syntax for generating a list of IM users using lcsish.wsf script if someone is interested. Here is the syntax I used to generate the list of IM users:

cscript Lcsish.wsf /eimdn:"OU=North America,OU=Domain Users, DC=Lab,DC=Sivarajan,DC=Com" /genusersfile:IM_Users.txt

Consider the following items:

  • Use Distinguished Name with /eimdn switch
  • Use "quotes" if you need to use space in the DN


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