Thursday, October 22, 2009

DPM Agent – Common Installation Mistakes

Here are some of the steps you can perform when you run into an agent installation related issues:

1.  Make sure firewall is disabled or firewall expectations are enabled for DPM communication


2.  If you are installing agents locally, make sure to use the correct version of DPM agent software (32 bit or 64 bit). The 64 bit agent installation file is DPMAgentInstaller_x64.exe. After the agent installation you need to perform the following steps:

  • Use SetDPMServer command to complete the agent configuration.
  • Use AttachProductionServer.ps1 script to attach the server to the DPM server


3.  If you are getting the following error message,

Error 313: The agent operation failed because an error occurred while running the installation program on XXXX. Error details: Fatal error during installation (0x80070643)

Option #1
Check step #1 and #2

Option #2
1. Logon to the target machine
2. Copy the installation files to a local temp directory
3. Stop firewall service
4. Install agent
5. Make a firewall rule that allows the application DPMRA to communicate(all profiles)
6. On the DPM server, from the DPM Management Shell prompt, type Attach-ProductionServer.ps1

4.  If you are protecting DPM server using a secondary server, install agent on the primary DPM server. You need to install the agent from the GUI not manually.


5.  Make sure you have admin privilege and the ADMIN$ share can be accessible from the DPM server using the account that you are planning to install the agent.

6.  If you get the following error message, make sure you have administrative privilege on the server. 

The agent operation failed because the credentials you provided do not have sufficient user rights on <server name>. (ID: 341)

Also, the following TechNet articles explain the troubleshooting techniques and DPM error code details:


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