Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dell TL 2000 and DPM 2007 Configuration

I know Tape Library configuration can be tricky when working with DPM. If you are using a Dell TL 2000, make sure to use IBM driver. Here is the procedure I always use:

1.Download the latest driver from the IBM site -
2.Uninstall any previously installed drivers for the drive and library.
3.Reboot the server.
4.Extract the downloaded driver to a folder.
5.Run install_nonexclusive.exe -t -d command and accept the non-windows certified driver warning.
6.Run install_nonexclusive.exe -c -d command and accept the non-windows certified driver warning.
7.Reboot the server.
8.Perform a rescan from DPM admin console.

You should be good to go...


Thank you, thank you, thank you. This worked for me. Only update to it would be that you should Uninstall the drivers for the Medium and Tape drive, but do not reboot. Eash time I rebooted, it reinstalled the drivers. After the drivers are installed, reboot and then do the rescan. Drive shows right up. I used the "LATEST" directory from the FTP link listed.

Thanks for the feedback Steve...

Thank you! Are you able to open I/E port door of DELL PowerVault TL2000 from within DPM? The unlock library door has no effect.

Hello, I installed these drivers using instructions provided. Both library and medium changer show in device manager but drive is missing in admin console of DPM 2007. Using a Dell TL2000 with up to date drivers and firmware (have tried both Dell and IBM). My drive disappeared when I tried the registry edit you suggested (RSMCompatMod). Have since removed it and have same issue. Any suggestions?

What registry edit are you talking about?

Sorry, it wasn't from you. Here is the excerpt:
(fast inventory was failing to detect tapes in the slots)

Sachin Durge posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 8:08 AM

Is Fast Inventory on library is failing with error hardware issue?
If yes and you are using DPM2007 SP1 Please add DWORD regkey
Manager\Agent\RSMCompatMode" and set value as decimal 13.

We are documenting this known issue due to unexpected behavior by some

Sachin Dugre[MSFT]

More details: Windows Server 2k8 x64. Server also has attached iSCSI for more hard drive space.

Scratch that! I reinstalled the latest Dell drivers, ran the drivemapping tool, disabled and reenabled the library and the drive is back and functional.

Good..glad to hear that :-)

It was the cleaning tape causing the issues. After removing it and reinstalling drivers/rescanning etc, the drive came back. Going to try putting the cleaning tape back in with that registry modification to see what happens.

Hi Santosh, Can you tell me if Dell PV TL2000 with LTO5 SAS Drive would be compatible to work with Microsoft DPM 2010 ?

Please assist, My environment:
Dell TL2000 an Dell Equallogic PS6000 SAN installed on network
DPM2010 installed on a Hyper-V Server(Win server 2008 R2 x64) as guest of Win Server 2008 Standard R2 x64.
My problem is i cannot detect TL2000 tape library in DPM 2010 Libraries List. Thanks

Hello Santosh
I have same problem im using DPM 2012 Rollupdate 3 it is not working.

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