Saturday, December 5, 2009

TCP Chimney Offload and DPM

The TCP Chimney Offload is a useful networking technology.  It allows to transfer the work load from CPU to a Network adaptor during the network data transfer. This helps improve the processing of network data on your computer or server without the need for additional programs or any loss to manageability or security. 

But sometimes you run into issues with various applications if this option is enabled.  Recently, I have experienced a very slow performance on a DPM 2007 server.  My solution was to disable the TCP Chimney Offload properties.   You need to enable or disable the TCP Chimney Offload option inside OS and Network adaptor properties.  This option will work only if it is enabled or disabled  in both locations. 

You can see the details of TCP Chimney Offload enabling and disabling procedure in the following KB article:


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I have heard really great things about these TCP Offload tips! I can’t wait to try all of them till I find the one that is perfect for me!

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10G tcp offload..

There have been many different terms and concepts associated with TCP offload and one of them is the 10G Bit TCP offload which has a significant role played in the entire process. It comes with unique and amazing features and benefits making it an exceptional offload engine. There are actually several interesting points to know about 10 G TCP offload.

Full TCP offload engine works best with 10 gigabytes Ethernet network adapters. 10G bit TCP offload technology designed for financial institutions like banks, data centers, stock exchanges etc.
10G bit tcp offload

TOE is a technology which is highly used in Ethernet systems. 10Gbit TCP offload are incorporated on circuit boards such as NIC or host bus adapter. They use specialised chip to intercept data and then transfer these packets directly from the network buffer to the memory without interrupting the host CPU.
10G tcp offload

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