Sunday, January 10, 2010

Profile Migration Using Quest Migration Manager (QMM)

I was doing some computer migrations last week with Quest Migration Manager tool.  After the profile migration (re-ACL), I started noticing some strange profiles names on the workstation.  You can see the details on the following screen shot: 


There profiles were started with $ and two digit numbers.  I did some search on Quest knowledge base but I couldn’t find anything.   Anyway, after enough troubleshooting, we identified the root cause of the issue. 

After the initial directory synchronization, we migrated all user accounts with an input file to change their SamAccountName in the target Domain.  By default, during the next directory synchronization, the DSA will overwrite these SamAccountName based on source the SamAccountName.  Since we need to keep our new SamAccountName in target domain, we decided to disable the SamAccountName synchronization in the directory sync configuration.   If you create a new user accounts in your source Domain, DSA will create these accounts in target domain.  Since we are filtering the SamAccountName, the DSA cannot use SamAccountName.   So the DSA create these accounts with some random numbers ($65FB00.., $75FB00..).  You need to perform a full migration with your new SamAccountName to resolve these issues.   After the user account migration all these profiles will be updated with the correct user names and you will see the correct SamAccountName and pre-W2K names inside your AD. 



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