Monday, April 5, 2010

Generate an email Alert to an Event - Attach Task To This Event

In windows 7 and windows 2008, you can generate an email alert when an event meets specified criteria in the event log.  Here is the procedure.

From Event Viewer –>Windows Logs –> Right click on the event and select  Attach Task To This Event option. 


From the Create Basic Task Wizard, select Send an e-mail option as the Action task. 


Then configure your email properties. 


When you complete this task, it will create a task in the Task Scheduler.  You can see the details in the following screenshot:


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Hi, thanks for the walkthrough, but what do you do if your smtp server requires authentication / ssl?


Perhaps this is too old but I am also wondering how to dynamically attach the $(eventdetails).

I have found a few threads on editing the XML and reimporting but so far no joy.

I use a product called IPSentry for this. It allows you send the details from the event logs in the email. I use for a few things but one is account lockouts. I can see what account locked out and what machine locked it out.

Dave, As you might know, there are a lot of third party and Microsoft “tools” available to perform these tasks. My goal was to provide a solution using “native” options.

If you are look for a real time monitoring tool, review Microsoft SCOM -

i need to run a script automatically when i see a low disk space alert.. please help

If you get an event alert in the event log, you can use "Attach Task" option. Otherwise you need to create a script to monitor the disk space.

I have installed one application in windows server 2008 R2. I want to have email alerts for that application if it generates error by event. Can I configure the customer event for that application

Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial, guys! Well done!

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