Sunday, July 25, 2010

Search AD Users and Computes – PowerShell Script

This script can be used to generate a list of Active Directory users and computes.


This script generates 2 output files ADUserInfo.csv and ADCompInfo.csv which contains user and computer information respectively.


Note: By default, an Active Directory search returns only 1000 items; if your domain contains more than 1000 users or computers, you need to set the $objSearch.PageSize value in the script ($objSearch.PageSize = 5000). 

You can download the script from the following location:


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Hi thanks for sharing the scripts GREAT JOB , i have a query if we need get more attributes to pull where we need to add the function like if i want get Display Names alone with SAMACCOUNT . what i need to modify in the script. any help is highly appreciated.

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