Monday, April 11, 2011

ADMT–Could Not Verify Audting and TcpipClinetSupport on Domains


ADMT displays the following error message when try to migrate a user account with SID History: 

Could not verify auditing and TcpipClinetSupport on domains.  Will not be able to migrate Sid’s.  Access is denied. 



If Auditing is enabled and TcpipClinetSupport Registry key is valid, verify the ADMT service account permission.  Make sure the logged in account has proper permission in source and target domains. I have explained these permission details in my following blog:

1. Create an account in the Target Domain
2. Add this account to the Domain Admins group in the Target Domain
3. In Source Domain, add this account (target account) to the built-in administrator group (not Domain Admin)

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Thank you the built in admin account issue worked for me

we have audit enable both source and target but then only the first few accounts got migrated with SID the rest was return error saying the audit account management was not enabled at source. The Source pdc is located in different region, there is another source DC locate in same region as target could this error happen because of intermittent issue?

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