Monday, April 25, 2011

Group Policy Report- Last time Group Policy was applied

I have created this post based on the question post on the TechNet forum. Here is a simple procedure you can use to generate a report with “Last time Group Policy was applied” information remotely.

The idea to run GPResult remotely using /S command and filter it using a FIND command. Here is the sample script:

echo off

FOR /f %%i in (C:\Computers.txt) do (

echo %%i >> C:\GPOutput.txt

gpresult /R /S %%i | find “Last time Group Policy was applied:”



The computers.txt files in an input file which contains all computer names. The Last time Group Policy was applied date will be in the GPOoutput.txt file


I understand that. As you know, there are many other third party products available in the market that can perform these tasks. These are not free tools :)

To generate a report on the last time Group Policy was applied remotely, you can use a simple procedure. First, create a text file called "Computers.txt" with the computer names. Then, run the provided script. It will collect the information and save it in a file called "GPOutput.txt". This way, you can easily track and analyze the last time Group Policy was applied for each computer. Recycling schedules play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and environmentally friendly household. By following a well-planned recycling schedule, you can effectively manage waste and contribute to a healthier planet. It ensures that recyclable materials are sorted and disposed of correctly, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Additionally, recycling conserves valuable resources, reduces pollution, and helps combat climate change.

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