Thursday, March 8, 2012

ADMT – “ ERR3:7194 Could not open input file C:\Program Files\OnePointDomainAgent ” Issue


Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) Security Translation Process failed with the following error message in the ADMT log file:

ERR3:7194 Could not open input file C:\Program Files\OnePointDomainAgent\AccountsXXXXX.txt


This is most likely due to a corrupted ADMT agent (OnePointdomainAgent)  installation. 


Uninstall and reinstall the ADMT agent (OnePointdomainAgent).  If you can’t uninstall from the console or control panel, you need to perform a manual removal process. 

You can use SC command to delete the agent if needed – SC Delete "OnePointdomainAgent"

Also, make sure the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\ADMT registry key  and c:\windows\ADMT Directory are  not present after the agent removal.


Good article! I think the agent install folder in the new version (3.2) of the ADMT changed from c:\windows\ADMT to c:\windows\OnePointDomainAgent

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