Monday, January 27, 2014

Update Group Membership–PowerShell Script

PowerShell Script – Add users to a group or Update group membership in Active Directory

Here is a PowerShell V1.0 script to update group membership or add users to a group in Active Directory.  You can get a I have another script which uses PowerShell V2.0 and Active Directory PowerShell module to update the group membership.  You can read more details here -   Add Users to a Group–PowerShell Script -



Input File – Input file contains user samaccountname in the following format:



SANTHOSH, Thanks for this script. Saved my lots of time. How would I loop through all the groups in a specific OU instead of just the one that this script calls out?

Thanks to the author for writing the post, it was quite necessary for me and liked it. I wrote a note on the assignment desk review about this. I will be happy if you read it and accept it. Thank you for your concern.

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