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Converting PowerShell (PS1) to EXE / Standalone Application

As we know, there many applications available to convert a PowerShell file to a standalone executable file.  Based on my experience, PowerShell GUI Script Editor has an easy and working (yes!) option available with the latest version of the product.

You can select Compile option from Tools menu as shown in the following screenshot.  It will generate an EXE and a configuration file.


You also able to select the .NET framework. 


Another useful add-on is Compile Script into Service option.



You can download the free PowerShell GUI Editor from this location -


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Originally known as America Online, AOL was a network threshold service provider and an internet service provider (OSP). It is now part of the Verizon Media family of businesses. AOL products are designed to provide easy access and connection, as well as privacy security, entertainment, and more. One of the services offered by AOL Mails is email. It was still at the top of the list, and logging into AOL Mail can be challenging. AOL Mail, or AOL webmail, became the world's largest email provider in the late 1990s, with approximately nine million subscribers. AOL offers a complimentary email service. Despite the fact that AOL is involved in email, software and downloads, as well as authentication and protection, let's move on and look at every aspect of AOL Mail, including the Aol Sign In method, problems, and solutions.
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how to delete sent mail from receiver's inbox in gmail
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