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PowerShell - Tips, Tricks and Useful Commands

Tip #4 –





Tip #3 – Comparison Operators

Published date - May12, 2013































.csharpcode, .csharpcode pre
font-size: small;
color: black;
font-family: consolas, "Courier New", courier, monospace;
background-color: #ffffff;
/*white-space: pre;*/
.csharpcode pre { margin: 0em; }
.csharpcode .rem { color: #008000; }
.csharpcode .kwrd { color: #0000ff; }
.csharpcode .str { color: #006080; }
.csharpcode .op { color: #0000c0; }
.csharpcode .preproc { color: #cc6633; }
.csharpcode .asp { background-color: #ffff00; }
.csharpcode .html { color: #800000; }
.csharpcode .attr { color: #ff0000; }
.csharpcode .alt
background-color: #f4f4f4;
width: 100%;
margin: 0em;
.csharpcode .lnum { color: #606060; }



More info -


#2 Logical Operators
Published date - April 11, 2013



Logical AND


Logical OR


Logical XOR


Not equal to


Not equal to


More info -

#1 Special Characters – Published Date - April 9, 2013

PoweShell supports the following special characters:









Form feed


New line


Carriage return


Horizontal tab


Vertical tab


Stop parsing


More info -


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PowerShell is an essential tool for IT professionals, system administrators, and developers. With its powerful command-line interface and scripting capabilities, PowerShell can help streamline IT operations and automate tasks. It can even integrate with ERP solutions to further enhance business processes. By learning some tips, tricks, and useful commands, you can become more proficient in using PowerShell and leverage its potential for your ERP solution.

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