Thursday, August 7, 2014

PowerShell TTUC #16 – Adding Comment using # and <# #>

PowerShell TTUC (Tips, Trick, and Useful Commands) – Adding Comment using # and <# #>

In all versions of PowerShell you can use # to a text after it a comment. 


# This a PowerShell comment

In PoweShell V2 and above you can <# #> to make a block of lines comments


<# First link

Second Line – This is a PowerShell Script



Are you sure you want to stay home? Here is what I think about homeschooling.

I was having a problem with my Academic Help website. My developer told me there was some problem with the script (which I don’t know what it means). I am sharing this post with him. He might find it helpful. Anyway, I think running an online business without any knowledge of development is not a good idea. I will ask my developer to teach me the basics so I have somewhat of an understanding.

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