Thursday, December 8, 2016

PowerShell - Send Test Email (Office 365) Using PowerShell


Here is a sample PowerShell script which can be to test email communication using a SMTP server. In this script, I am using Office 365 SMTP server,








$SMTPServer = ""

$EmailFrom = ""

$EmailTo = ""


#Send-MailMessage Reference -




Write-Host "`t`tSelect 1 - SMTP Test Message with No Attachmnet" -ForegroundColor Red

Write-Host "`t`tSelect 2 - SMTP Test Message" -ForegroundColor Red

$Option = Read-Host




Function EmailTest_No_Attachment


#with no attachement


$Cred = Get-Credential

$Sub = "SMTP Test Message - 1 - No Attachmnet"

$Bmessage = "SMTP Test Message - 1 with Attachment"

Send-MailMessage -From $EmailFrom -To $EmailTo -Subject $Sub -Body $Bmessage -SmtpServer $SMTPServer -Credential $cred -UseSsl -Port 587



Function EmailTest_With_Attachment


#with Attachment


$Cred = Get-Credential

$Sub = "SMTP Test Message - 1 with Attachment"

$Bmessage = "Test email body message - With Attachment"

$MyAttachment =  "C:\temp\1.docx"

Send-MailMessage -From $EmailFrom -To $EmailTo -Subject $Sub -Body $Bmessage -Attachments $MyAttachment -SmtpServer $SMTPServer -Credential $cred -UseSsl -Port 587






Switch ($Option)


        1 {EmailTest_No_Attachment}

        2 {EmailTest_With_Attachment}

    default {"Invalid Selection"}



Script download options:

1.        OneDrive -!AuVEEHIwTxv9h4ZXLslcu1MzA8ZSqw

2.       TechNet Gallery -!AuVEEHIwTxv9h4ZXLslcu1MzA8ZSqw




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