Thursday, February 25, 2010

Active Directory Migration Using ADMT

This document outlines the group, user and computer migration procedure the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) version 3.1.

Group Migration

1. Logon on to the <ADMT Server> using <ADMT service> account.
2. Open ADMT Console.
3. In the ADMT snap-in, click Action, and then click Group Account Migration Wizard.
4. Select the appropriate options in the Group Account Migration Wizard

a. Domain Selection - > Select Source and Target Domain
b. Group Selection -> Select groups
c. Organizational Unit Selection -> Select target OU
d. Group Options-> Click Migrate Group SIDs to target domain
e. User Options-> Select appropriate options
f. Object Property Exclusion-> Select appropriate options
g. Conflict Management -> Select appropriate options

5. Complete the Group Account Migration Wizard.
6. When the wizard has finished running, click View Log, and review the migration log for any errors.

Read more at source:

ADMT 3.2:


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