Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Teredo Client State and Troubleshooting

You can verify the Teredo state by using the following command:

Netsh Int Teredo Show Stat


If the state is in dormant or qualified that means it is working.

If the state is in offline you need to troubleshoot the issue.   As you can see in the above screenshot, State is in offline and the reason is client is in a managed network.  Which means Teredo has detected that you are inside a corporate network.  In this case you need to change the  Teredo type to enterpriseclient to resolve the issue. 

You can you the following command:

Netsh Int Teredo Set State Enterpriseclient


You have the following Teredo types available:

Enterpriseclient  ->  Skip managed network detection
Server                   ->  Enable the Teredo server
Client                    ->  Enable the Teredo client
Disabled               ->  Disable the Teredo service

The default state is client.  Also, you can disable Teredo by using the following command:

Netsh Int Teredo Set State Disabled



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Hi, i am now getting error code six after i had entered the enterpriseClient command. it accepted it and is now changed, but it is offline due to a general system faliure :( any help would be aprreciated.

edit: i have scince deleted the adapter and tried using software that uses it, and strangley all of the software works flawlessley now...

what software is that? i have been working on this for two days now trying to get games for windows working.

i am getting the same system failure now after switching to enterpriseclient command

Changed to Enterpriseclient and it is still offline.
any help will be very much appreciated

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Thanks so much for posting this. I was finally able to get Gears of War 4 multiplayer working on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10.

Only problem now is that my VPN connections have disappeared. Even when I revert the setting back to "Client" they are still gone. :/

Finally a solution that worked for me! I typed "netsh interface teredo set state type=enterpriseclient" and restarted the IP Helper Service and worked fine!
Thing is I have to manually re-do it each time I restart the PC, is there a way to set it automatically?

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