Friday, December 10, 2010

User Migration and Input File Format

I ran into an user migration issue with Quest Migration Manager (QMM) when merging accounts using an input file.  Instead of merging the user account, the QMM was creating a duplicate account in the target domain. 

The input file was in the following format:


The issues was due to the file Encoding type.  We were using  UTF-8 encoding type.  Based on my testing, the Encoding type must be ANSI.  I believe it is because of the TAB character in UTF-8 encoding. 

So if you are planning to use an input file for the migration using Quest Migration Manager (QMM), make sure the Encoding type is ANSI.



Thank you for sharing this insightful tip on resolving user migration issues with Quest Migration Manager. Your experience with encoding types and the importance of using ANSI is a valuable heads-up for others facing similar challenges. Your clear explanation of the problem and solution will undoubtedly help fellow IT professionals navigating through similar migration processes. Great job providing practical advice for a smoother Quest Migration Manager experience! Reckless Driving New Jersey | Registro Central Violencia Dom├ęstica Nueva Jersey

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