Sunday, March 27, 2011

Computer Migration – Access is Denied

Computer Migration – Access is denied.  I was getting an Access is denied error message in the Quest Resource Updating Manager (RUM) console when I was performing computer migration (move) – domain membership change operation. 


In general, “Access is denied” error message during computer “move” means the remote registry service is not running on these computers.  But in this case, the service was running but when I opened the registry remotely, I was getting the following error message:


It turned out to be a permission issue on the registry key.  This computer (master image) was upgraded from Windows 2000.  By default, Windows 2000 does not have a built-in user account named Local Service.  Instead, the Remote Registry Service is logged on as Local System. In Windows XP, the Remote Registry Service is logged on as Local Service. 

I assigned Read permission to LOCAL SERVICE on the following registry key:



everything started working after the registry modification. 

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While migrating a computer, through ADMT tool Its showing below error. Please help .

Error : Unable to access ADMIN$ share on the machine 'aipl-6zmp3bs.KAKINADA'. Make sure the share exists and the account running ADMT is a member of local administrators group on the machine 'aipl-6zmp3bs.KAKINADA'. hr=0x80070005. Access is denied.

DC( is not reflecting from this system('aipl-6zmp3bs.KAKINADA') when I am trying providing permission to ADMIN$. But from DC ( its reflecting and I can provide permissions.


Prakash K


Please verify the items listed here here –

Can you access computer from ADMT server?

You are getting “access is denied” error. Do you have local admin privilege on this workstation?

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Thank you for your post, i was getting an access denied error when trying to promote a windows 2012 server to a DC, this fixed it. turns out the old DC that was being replaced was a W2K server which had been upgraded to 2003 when server 2012 was doing adprep and trying to upgrade the schema it was failing due to remote registry access.

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