Monday, June 13, 2011

WMI Object Class and WMI Administrative Tools

I received a few emails about WMI Object Class after publishing the Group Policy Objects (GPO) and WMI Filter blog (  Most of the questions were about how to  identify the WMI Object Class.

WMI Administrative Tools

In my opinion, the WMI Administrative Tools is the best option get these information.  This tool includes:

  1. WMI CIM Studio: view and edit classes, properties, qualifiers, and instances in a CIM repository; run selected methods; generate and compile MOF files.
  2. WMI Object Browser: view objects, edit property values and qualifiers, and run methods.
  3. WMI Event Registration Tool: configure permanent event consumers ,create or view instances of event consumers, filters, bindings, and timer system classes.
  4. WMI Event Viewer: displays events for all instances of registered consumers.

The WMI Object Browser tool gives you the object class information for the WMI filter. 


You can download the WMI Administrative Tools from the following location:

WMI Code Generator Tool

You can also use WMI Code Generator tool.  The WMI Code Creator tool generates code that uses WMI to obtain management information or perform management tasks. You can use the tool to learn how to manage computers using WMI scripting and WMI .NET. The tool generates code that runs on the local computer, a remote computer, or a group of remote computers based on your selection from the Target Computer menu on the tool.


You can download this tool from the following location:


Amazing screen shorts and helping full articles, please keep updating, have bookmarked!@Sara

When trying to install WMI tools under Windows 7, you need to make sure to run the installer with administrative privileges. Otherwise the installer will try to gain privileges before invoking MSI, but will fail.

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