Monday, April 23, 2012

Active Directory: Active Directory Upgrade – French Version

Yagmoth555, has translated my “Active Directory Upgrade – High Level Steps” Microsoft WiKi article into French. Thanks Philippe. Now you can read this article in different languages !!!


English Version - Active Directory: Active Directory Upgrade - High Level Steps

French Version - Mise a jour d'Active Directory - Étapes sommaire (fr-FR)

Italian Version - Panoramica di alto livello per l'upgrade di Active Directory (it-IT)


Santosh, do you know if there is a Russian version available too? One of my comrades, Vladimir, has been struggling with this issue, and could certainly use it.

Vladimir is starting to focus on migrations and upgrades, whereas I am more focused on security stuff such as Active Directory Privilege Escalation.

If you come across a Russian version, could you please add a link to it?

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