Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quest Migration Manager EMWProf – MAPI_E_USER_CANCEL 0X80040113

This error message was little misleading! 

[Error] Cannot open default message store.

MAPI error.

Error code: 0x80040113



Function Address: 004e7801

Function Address: 00456a5e

Function Address: 0046bcb3

Function Address: 0046a6dc

Function Address: 0042b42c

Function Address: 0042b7e6

Function Address: 0047981b

Function Address: 005e5fdf

Function Address: 7c817077


According to all Quest documents, this error is due name resolution issues.  In my case, it was “technically” true.  However, the actual issues wasn’t related to a “pure” NetBIOS or FQND name resolution.  I had the same computer object (same name) in the target domain.  So the workstation or EMWProf wasn't getting the correct source Exchange information.  It was resolving to an object in the target domain instead of the source Exchange server.  I deleted the duplicate computer name in target domain and everything started working!


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