Sunday, June 27, 2010

GUI Interface for Cross Forest Mailbox Move Tool

Sathish has created a nice GUI for Cross Forest Mailbox tool. You can read more information on the following link:

Here are the high level steps:

    1. 1. Use ADMT or any migration tools to migrate the active directory users -
    2. 2. Download Cross Forest tool – Prepare-MoveRequest.Ps1 -
    3. 3. Download GUI for Cross Forest mailbox move tool - MovetoE14.Ps1 -
    4. 4. Execute MovetoE14.Ps1 and follow the instructions.

You can see more information on Sathish’s website:

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Where can we get the gui script? It is no longer available from the link above.

It is still available and you can download it from the following location:

I tried that link, the site must be having some problems. Thx. I'll try again later.

Is there any script for cross forest move between exchange 2007 servers in different forest?

I am not aware of any Microsoft scripts. However, you can create your own script or you can use a migration tool like QMM or NetIQ.

can you please tell me how to increase results from script as by default it stops at 1000 mailboxes/users and I have more

-resultsize is the parameter but not sure where to add it in script

Great, thanks for creating this article, I also found exchange migrator tool ( ) that allows to move mailboxes from exchange server to other domain and transfer all resources between two Exchange Servers such as mailbox or public folder properties, Outlook rules, Outlook profiles. global address list and permissions.

Please can you share a link to download your script MovetoE14.Ps1 because it's not present on technet Gallery. Thanks a lot David

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