Monday, September 5, 2011

Computer Migration - Things to Consider (Updated)

Here are a few points which you can consider while doing computer migration. These points are applicable to all migrations irrespective of the migration tool (ADMT, NetIQ, Quest etc).

Here is a high level flow chart that describes the computer migration process:

Admin$ Access (PreMig1 Script) – Ensure that you can access Admin$ or C$ on the workstation using your migration service account. You can use the following script to test the Admin$ permission:

Ping (part of PreMig1 Script)– Make sure you can ping the workstation from the migration console/server. But keep in mind that, if ICMP is disabled on your network, you won’t be able to ping the workstation. Also, I have seen in many cases that Ping is resolving to an incorrect IP address, which can be due to a bad WINS server or bad name resolution.

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Hi Santhosh,

We are in the middle of a migration, and your articles have been a huge help so far.

We were forced to change our migration process so that it works like this:

1. Migrate user accounts
2. Security translation
3. Migrate workstations
4. User will continue to log on as the SOURCE user account, until we are able to migrate their mailbox.

My question is, are there any issues with them using their SOURCE account after the workstation belongs to the new domain? I'm assuming they should still have access to the profile with the old account, and that Outlook, Lync, etc. will continue working. Any advice you have would be appreciated.



Getting ready to ADMT an entire 900 user domain to another domain. However, some of the computers have already been joined to the new domain over the last few months to support a business app. The users login to those computers with their login ID from the old domain since there is a trust in place.

When it comes to ADMT and the computer objects, since the target and source have different SID's how do we get around that?

Do we have to join the computers back to the old domain and then ADMT?

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